How does my mother tell me «it is good to be grateful» to this 2018 I ask you to be just as good as this one that has just finished. I have increased with many brands this year 2017, thanks to my work, to the brands that I They support and all the people who get into my blog to read me, for all this and many more things. THANK YOU. But we are not going to get bored that this is about something else and we have to work jijiji.Al issue.Today we have to talk about this wonderful English gin.It has been factory since 1998 by Brokers Gin Ltd near Birmingham in the United Kingdom.If you look at the bottle, is curious because it has in the cap a bombin, hat typical of English gentlemen. That is what Martin and Andy Dawson chose, the image of the typical English broker. Obtained by traditional distillation, by lots with a copper still manufactured by John Dore & Co. It is made in one of the distilleries with more than 200 years of antiquity in the heart of England, the recipe ……. as old as the distillery.The spirit of pure grain distilled four times made of English wheat is distilled with 10 traditional botanical ingredients that are left to marinate for 24 hours so that the alcohol extracts all the aromas of the botanicals, once the botanicals have macerated. the gin is distilled a fifth time to close the process that all the London Dry have to follow. The first aroma that comes out is the juniper, although a little later and a drink takes the citrus fruit. For me it is a very balanced gin since in my opinion, no botanist stands out over another. When you smell it the first impression is of species and a bit floral.



Orange peel

Lemon peel







Lily Root



Featured botanist


The genus Jasminum, whose approximately 200 species are called jasmine, is native to the tropical and subtropical regions of the old world and widely cultivated. They grow as shrubs and other climbers on other plants or guided on structures. Plants of shrub or climbing habit Perennifolias, deciduous or semi-deciduous. The stems are quadrangular, green or grayish profusely branched. Leaves arranged alternately or opposite, can be trifoliate or imimipipinnate.The inflorescences are racemes usually arise from the armpits of the leaves.The flowers, commonly white although there are some yellow and reddish species, are hermaphroditic.They have a tubular chalice, with 5 petals and two stamens attached to the tube of the corolla with yellow antennae. The fruits are black berries when ripe with 1 to 4 seeds. The fragrance that exhale the flowers is very intense and is perceived as a sweet aroma.

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