When talking about the slope of gins, no one imagined that it would lead us to know so many types of gins, with botanists that many do not even sound like. Dry, aromatic, citrus, herbaceous, floral, anything goes. In Belgium, great connoisseurs of chocolate They wanted to make one with that ingredient. It is the Xolato chocolates company that joins with the DeMoor distillery, a flamenco distillery with about 100 years old and it elaborates all its distillates in a traditional way. Its name is due to the Incas and Mayas when referring to the cocoa beans Xocolati.According to legend, it was the 1 aphrodisiac of the world, so the recipe of Xocolati was subtracted each and brought as XGIN.This gin combines the berries of juniper with 15 herbs and several of the best species known to man.
Pure and soft aromas on the palate.
Touches of cocoa and vanilla on the nose.
The taste of this gin predominates juniper, but on the palate, sweet touches and at the same time the bitterness of cocoa.
Featured botanist
Cocoa is a fruit of tropical origin, its tree has small flowers and long petals, its fruit is woody elongated, appears in the treetops and under its branches. Depending on the type of cocoa they can be yellow, white, green or red.The grain is covered in a pulp rich in sugar with which it can be played and the grain transformed into chocolate has a pleasant flavor.Cacao production is performs mainly on the coast and Amazon of Ecuador. The provinces with the highest production are Los ríos, Guayas Manabí and Sucumbíos. In the case of Ecuador, two types of cocoa are developed:
 Fine aroma cocoa, also known as Criollo or Nacional, whose characteristic color is yellow, has a unique aroma and flavor, being essential for the production of the exquisite gourmet chocolate appreciated worldwide.
Cacao CCN-51 also known as Castro Naranjal collection whose characteristic color is red. It is also recognized for its high performance characteristics for the extraction of semifinished ingredients essential for the production at scale of chocolates and others. Ecuador is the largest producer and exporter of fine aroma cocoa in the world with a 63% share of the world market in 2012

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