Made in Belgium, the distillery is located in Bachte-Maria-Leerne, not far from the Belgian city of Ghent in East Flanders, it is a premium artisanal gin infused and distilled with 28 botanical ingredients carefully selected by the master distiller. Based on the recipe Authentic with Belgian hops. Filliers is one of the oldest brands in the world after the Bols brand
He was later born in the First World War, but lost the recipe. Several years ago, Bernard Filliers, grandson and founder creator, found his grandfather’s original formula in the archive, retrieved the formula and, as a tribute to his grandfather, produced the gin again. .It is distilled 3 times in copper pot stills.
In 1792 Karel Lodewidk Fillier was the first member of the second generation of Filliers.
Master Distillers. Continuing to succeed founder Karel as head of the family business, in 1880 Kamiel installed a steam engine at his agricultural distillery that sped up the process of distillation considerably.
Firmin Filliers was born in 1888-1965, the 3rd generation that took over the command of the family business. At the end of the First World War, he created the recipe for the current Filliers 28. The fourth generation Louis and Carlos took the reins of the distillery in 1945


the generic word cardamom applies indistinctly to a few aromatic species of perennial herbs of the genera amomum of the family of the zingiberaceae. there are two main species of cardamom, the green cardamom or true cardamom that extends from india to malaysia.
the cardamomo has been together with the saffron one of the most appreciated species and faces of the world, although today it can be easily found in any store specialized in spices. it is a species originating in southern india and sri lanka, although everything we know the green cardamom also has black, which is much more intense than green but what really makes it unique is the smoking process which is submitted, this even gives more aroma to wood and smoke

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