Writing about a particular gin is a bit difficult, since there is a lot to choose from, a lot of variety. But if it is true that, we must promote the Spanish product. And more if it is born from the passion of 3 friends and its fastination by Ibiza and the spirits. This is how this adventure began, to make the LAW gin. Law in English means law that is what these 3 friends Luna, Alexander and Wolfgang, after much effort and three long years of testing and long nights, to get the master formula of a gin that has to be fresh, with citrus notes, but with a dry base and an unctuous body.
For this, a pure alcohol of wheat is used together with some all-natural botanicals that are first macerated and then heated carefully until the aromas are vaporized together with the alcohol, through the neck of the still, the vapors reach the cooling serpentine , where they are liquefied again. All this is done without sugar or artificial flavors and with the pure water of the springs that are born in the island. It is distilled in copper still. It is bottled, labeled and sealed by hand individually as it is they make few bottles of each batch. As a last touch they distill the salt of the salinas since it can not miss a touch of marine air in this gin with a dry end of superior quality.
When you smell it for the first time you get fresh aromas, I would say that it is fruity and spicy, but you do not know how it smells, the taste is true that surprised me because I could not explain the first sensation when I tasted it was a spicy taste with a warm citrus flavor and in the end you get the juniper.
Prickly pears
Peppers pattern
Fresh citrus skin
Black Sabina
Iris root
Black cucumber
Featured botanist
Fig prickly pears
Opuntia ficus-indica, commonly known as, among others, prickly pear, fig, palera, prickly pear, nopal, is a species of shrub plant of the Opuntia genus of the cactaceae family. As the majority of the members of this genus lacks leaves nomo rows, the segments or clear god in which it divides, are stems capable of branching themselves, emitting flowers and fruits.These stems are flat, oval and of medium green color. two kinds of thorns, gathered in the gloquidia of the areas, some long, and hard and others short and thin with hairy aspect, known as «penepes» in the mountain range of Argentina. The flowers, in the shape of a crown, are born from the areolas at the edges of the segments. It flowers once a year and both the fruit and the flower can be of different colors, from yellow to red. The fruit has a thick, thorny rind, and a pulp abundant in seeds or seeds. The ripe fruit is an oval-shaped berry with diameters between 5.5 cm and 7 centimeters, a length of 5 cm to 11 cm and a variable weight between 43 and 220 grams.

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