Inseparable gin


If you can be proud of something you have great friends to share your concerns, your projects, your adventures.
 This is how this gin is born, 8 friends, 8 personalities, 8 opinions.
One of these friends, Luis Alfonso began to experience the first distillations in a home still, in the process, built a small distillery in the area of Torres Vedras.
The 36 botanists come together to perfection, thus reinforcing the personality of this gin.
The combination of fruits, spices, exotic flavors and wildflowers make this gin every sip exquisite.
The inseparable is a handcrafted gin, distilled in copper stills, in small lots of no more than 490 bottles. The juniper arrives from Croatia.
The 0.50-liter bottle of exquisite design arrives from Italy, and the seal from Hungary.

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