Wint y lila gin


 These hot spring afternoons, we want to take a fresh gintonic, better choice than one with Spanish roots or better roots of Cadiz, which is made in a distillery settled for more than 200 years in the Port of Santa Maria. The distillery has 7 different small alembics, each of them, provides different nuances, which allows them to make distillations to measure. The alcohol used to make it is made of grain, the «Maria bath» system is used, thus achieving a slower and more delicate process where the essences are extracted without being altered. After the distillation they are left to rest for several weeks, before making the courage, between them and add the purified water. It is subjected to 5 distillations. Its name refers to one of the first companies dedicated to maritime trade of the year 1646 in Cádiz. By the hand of Juan de Wint and Sweerts (gentleman of the order of Calatrava) and Margarita de Lila Blanco belonging to 2 families of Flemish origin and dedicated to the long-distance maritime trade America Europe based in Cádiz, which took the traditional distillates of the Valley of the Guadalquivir.
In tasting the freshness of the mint is present, as well as the orange blossom well integrated with the juniper.
On the soft palate, refreshing with a slightly citrusy and herbaceous aftertaste.
Graduation: 40%
Angelica root
Orange blossom
Grass in love
Orange skin
Lemon peel
Lime leather
Featured botanist
Saffron is a species derived from the three dry stigmas of the pistil of the flower of Crocus sativus, a species of crocus genus within the iridaceae family.
Saffron is characterized by its bitter taste and its aroma come from its chemical components picrocrocin and safronal. It also contains a carotenoid dye called crocin, which goes to the food a golden yellow color that makes saffron a component appreciated in many dishes around the world in Spain is used as an essential complement to the paellas is also used for the Concepción de rice meats and seafood.

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